Self Publishing Spotlight

I have a great admiration of authors who decide to publish their books themselves. It's the hard path and it shows determination and independence, two characteristics I really respect. For that reason, I want to use my blog to support undiscovered authors of young adult fiction who have published their own books and uncover great stories that shouldn't be overlooked.

The Self Publishing Spotlight goes out on the first day of every month and includes a review of the book plus a guest post from the author introducing their book and talking about their influences, experiences and ambitions.

If you are a self published author of teen (YA) or tween (MG) fiction and you would like to take part in the Self Publishing Spotlight then I would be delighted to have you along and feature you on my blog. Please email me at:

All I need is a copy of the book you would like reviewed; if you have written a series of books then please let me have the other books in the series. I accept hard copies, PDFs, or Kindle ebooks. Please read my Review Policy and About page to find out more about my blog.

*I am especially interested to hear from self publishers who will be publishing a book in 2012*

I look forward to hearing from you!

Self Publishing Spotlight Schedule

February 2012 - Jason A. Beineke - Blackstone


August 2011 - Kathy Cecala - The Raven Girl
September 2011 - Mike Lewis - Changers' Summer
October 2011 - Nixie Turner - Kit-in-the-Candlestick
November 2011 - Scott Whitaker - Seven Days on the Mountain
December 2011 - Rachel Forde - Lastborn 
January 2012 - Daniel Piros - Project New Age