Best of the Bunch

So what's all this banana nonsense all about? I hear you ask.

Well, "Best of the Bunch" is a post I put up on the last day of every month and includes my hot pick, top read, must-put-it-on-your-reading-list-immediately book from the month. When a book gets the Best of the Bunch award that means it's so good I just had to slap my bananas on it and tell the world it's not to be missed under any circumstances - well, according to me. It doesn't have to be new, it doesn't have to be popular, it doesn't have to be zeitgeistingly amazing - although of course it can be all of those - it just has to be a book that really clicked for you, an ink-based feast for heart and mind and the winner of your very own mini award ceremony.

Think you might want to take part? Here are my 3 basic guidelines for the award ceremony:

  1. My ceremony takes place on the last day of every month but you can hold yours whenever you like, you are able to add your link to my post right up to the last day of the next month
  2. Although I am a YA fiction blogger, I'm not a YA snob so if you blog about adult books then feel free to add your link too. However, it would be very helpful if you put either YA or A (for adult) in your link so when other bloggers go exploring they can chose which to look at, e.g. I would put Lyrical Reviews (YA) or something to that effect.
  3. You don't have to create a new post if you don't have the time or inclination. I love making award ceremony posts to pay homage to the winner but you can simply add the link to your review or feature of the book and I promise I won't cry...

And that is pretty much it! If you have any queries feel free to email me at:

I have an award sticker that I slap on the cover of the winning book which you can grab here:

(it's a .png file so it's transparent) 

And if you'd like to add my Best of the Bunch button to your blog or use it in your award post then you're more than welcome to grab the big one above of the 200px one below:

All that's left for me to say is:

Who gets your bananas?