Welcome to Lyrical Reviews! I'm Lyrical Brown, the reviewer, and here are a few points about my blog:

Why "Lyrical"?

Well, that's what I strive to be in my reviews. I like to spend time thinking about what I'm going to say so that I can convey effectively to other readers what a story said to me. I don't think you can ever read a story without feeling some kind of emotion - even if it's anger at a bad storyline - and it's the expression of what I felt that is the focus of my reviews.

What do you mean by "New", "Don't Miss" and "Oldie"?

I like to read a range of different young adult books, so you will find reviews for books that have been out for decades as well as those that haven't come out yet. "New" means the book if either not yet out or has been released within the last two months, "Oldie" refers to books that have been out for over five years and "Don't Miss" are reviews of books that have come out in the last five years that you might have missed. The "Don't Miss" titles are my favourite as you can uncover lots of great stories that might otherwise have been lost.

How many books do you review?

That varies from month to month but generally I aim to review up to six "New" titles a month and then as many "Oldie" and "Don't Miss" books as I can. The ratio of new to old will vary depending on how many new titles excite me in a particular month and since I don't like dark romances it can be quite difficult at the moment to find good stories.

What is your rating system?

I use a five star rating system that you can find at the end of every review.

5 stars = "One of the best books I've ever read"
4 stars = "A brilliant read"
3 stars = "A decent read"
2 stars = "An OK read"
1 star = "A bad read"
0 stars = "Do not even bother!"

Where else can I find you?

You can find me on Twitter: @LyricalReviews
I'm also on Goodreads at: http://www.goodreads.com/lyricalbrown
And I have a group on Goodreads called 'No Dark Romance Allowed' for those trying to find pre-Twilight genres!