Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Wishlist Diet #15

*The Wishlist Diet is part of the In My Mailbox meme hosted by The Story Siren*

To Read:

Darke by Angie Sage
Dreaming Dangerously by Kathleen Suzette Harsch

To Review:

Arrival (The Phoenix Files #1) by Chris Morhpew
Blackstone: Drawing the Circle by Jason A. Beineke

Much excitement this week as I splashed out on one of the few series that I actually buy the incredibly expensive hardback for because the books are soooooo beautiful. I LOVE Angie Sage's books and Darke is the 6th in the Septimus Heap series - I am enjoying every single page so far! I'll also be reading another self-published book this week by Kathleen Suzette Harsch, a paranormal story about a girl who dreams the future. Sounds great!

So, what have you got this week?


  1. Darke is on my tbr as I was sent it for review but I haven't read the others, do you think it's possible to read a summary of the series and start it here?
    I also can't wait to rad your review of dreaming dangerously, you tend to find some great self-pub'ed books! :)

  2. I probably wouldn't recommend reading only Darke on its own, it would be a bit like reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince before any of the others... I think you really have to "grow up" with the characters and I'm not just being philosophical, there are loads of references to what's happened before. I absolutely love these books and you should definitely read all the books anyway, defo the best thing since Harry Potter for me!

    Glad you're looking forward to Dreaming Dangerously, I seem to be really lucky with self-pub'ed books!

  3. I read Blackstone and I freaking LOVED it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  4. That's why I read it! You'll just have to wait until Wednesday to find out what I thought...

  5. I love Angie Sage's books! I'm looking forward to Darke!

  6. Fab set! Blackstone sounds interesting. Makes me think of the classic legal scholar named Blackstone.
    My IMM